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My last blog was about gas lamps. This time I’m looking at gasworks. Who can remember walking past a working gasworks with their characteristic smell?  I can but being quite young Read more>>
View of the Vernon arms pub archway with two gas lamps either side and the Vernon arms sign in the centre

Gas Lamps

BY ROGER LARKE So, who can remember gas lamps in your home or street?  Not so many of you, I guess. I was born in Norfolk and the house I Read more>>
Image of Henery Lawleys rifle

Lawley’s Rifle

We previously followed the history of the Lawley family. From Samuel, Head Huntsman for the 2nd Lord Vernon, to his Grandson, Henry Lawley. To finish the story, Colin has since Read more>>
Sepia Family portrait taken 1875 in front of a brick built building

Sudbury Estate Clerk of Works – Mr. Agar

When researching former celebrations in Sudbury, one of our volunteers came across this article about the 'Coming of Age' celebrations for George William Henry Vernon in September 1875.  It's a Read more>>

A Sad Christmas in Sudbury

This newspaper clipping from the 4th January 1893 shows how Christmas' of the past could be sad occasions due to circulating sicknesses and ill health. 4 parishioners passed over a Read more>>

From Sudbury to Windsor – The Lawley Family

The Sudbury Local History Group have been busy uncovering fascinating stories of former parish residents, and have recently come across the Lawley family, whose history spans from Sudbury to London. Read more>>