Lime Torching The Gasworks Roof

With the help of heritage roofer Richard Jordan, the local community had the opportunity to learn the method of Lime Torching. They also were able to mix and apply the mortar direct to the Gasworks roof.

Let’s find out more about Lime Torching!

What is Lime Torching?

Lime Torching is used on the underside of tiles or slates to keep them in place and to prevent strong winds from getting under the tiles and lifting them (as well as holding condensation).

What is lime torching made from?

Lime torching is made from sand, lime, water and traditionally horse hair. We have used goats hair for the roof at The Gasworks.

What happens next?

The sand and lime are mixed together with water and the hair is added slowly. During the mixing process a chemical reaction occurs and the mix starts to heat up. Once the mix is at the right constancy it can then be applied to the underside of the roof. It is applied in a similar way to mortar using a trowel.

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