Mapping the Gasworks

We have been joined by Nottingham Trent University and a new team of volunteers to start mapping the Gasworks. This involves taking many, many images of the building, and using some clever 3D mapping software to create 3D images of the site.

The project is designed to support and develop volunteer community groups, who have specific responsibilities for the care of historic buildings/archaeological sites, play a greater part in contributing to local authority Historic Environment Records (HER) through the use of ground based and aerial drone imagery.

The information collected from the surveying activity will be used to create 3D visualizations and digital models that could serve as an official record of a building’s condition, or simply aid the public’s understanding of a site more generally.

The research project is currently speaking with a number of local authorities and Historic England, who are also interested in incorporating community generated content into national databases, which identifies that this could be an excellent opportunity for heritage-based Trusts to improve their knowledge of recording techniques and deepen their engagement with cultural heritage more generally.